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Bed Bug

bed bug

SIZE: 1/16″ to 1/4″

COLOR: Brown to reddish brown


Bed Bugs are a real problem when found in your home or business. Bed Bugs can live up to one and a half years, producing between one and eight eggs daily. They can go one year without feeding. Bed Bugs survive by sucking blood from their human or animal host, generally feeding at night. The host can wake up with inflamed bits in clusters, and sometimes they don’t show up until hours later. They usually are found near their food source: around beds (sheets, mattresses, headboard, night table) and crevices of upholstered furniture, under carpeting, in baseboards and electrical outlets, and behind wallpaper. Bed bugs can be found in new and used clothes, as well as on the belongings of someone who has been in a bed bug infested location.


Bed Bugs hide in small places like the creases of sheets or pockets, and nearby these items. The best preventive measures involve inspecting and thoroughly cleaning any items brought into your home.  Unfortunately, by the time you spot a bed bug, you may have a large infestation. Call a pest professional like Bugs-B-Gone. We educate you on bed bug behavior and effective treatment options so you can get rid of the problem.


Winter, Spring & Summer

bed bug
bed bug
bed bug