Agrarian Sac Spider

agrarian sac spider

SIZE: 3/8″ (with legs extended)

COLOR: Pale, grayish tan


Agrarian Sac Spiders are often found on trees, shrubs, and low vegetation bordering fields. They can move from plant to plant on silken scaffolds, or they can float long distances through the air on silken threads. These spiders prey indiscriminately on a variety of arthropods, including insects and spiders much larger than themselves. Agrarian Sac Spiders account for more human bites than any other spider, often while gardening outdoors. The bite is extremely painful, with symptoms ranging from itching and redness to severe muscle cramps and nausea. If the spider comes indoors it builds its sac-like web in corners, and can can be seen running on walls and ceilings at night and quickly dropping to the floor to escape if it’s disturbed.


To prevent spiders from entering your home or building, seal foundation cracks and other access holes, keep window and door screens in good repair, and keep areas around the building foundation free of clutter. If you have an infestation, contact a trained technician.


Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter