Asian Lady Beetle

asian lady bug

SIZE: 1/4″, oval, convex

COLOR:  Tan to red, none to several black spots


As fall approaches, the adult Asian Lady Beetles leave their summer feeding sites in yards and fields for protected places to spend the winter. These bugs are attracted to illuminated surfaces, congregating on sunny, southwest sides of buildings in late afternoon. Surface contrast, like light shutters on a dark background, attract the beetles. They seek crevices and cracks around doorframes and behind siding – structures in poor repair and openings are most vulnerable. As temperatures warm in spring, the beetles emerge.


Beetles generally don’t injure humans and are mainly a nuisance. They don’t reproduce indoors, but emit an acrid odor and can stain surfaces with their secretions. The best management is prevention like, repairing cracks in windows and screens and other small openings.


Spring & Fall