Clover Mite

clover mite

SIZE: 1/30″

COLOR: Reddish brown to olive to green-brown (after feeding)


Clover Mites are nuisance pests that do not bite humans or animals, transmit disease nor feed on household furnishings or pantry supplies. Skin irritation may be caused in sensitive persons. They live outdoors feeding on various plants, but will enter homes if their hosts (grasses, clover, dandelions) dry up or are cut. In the fall, they seek shelter in protected areas like under shingles and behind windows.


Remove all grass and weeds from around your home or building foundation perimeter, especially on the south sides of the structure. Mites will not cross bare soil – which can then be planted with flowers like salvia and geranium. These both are unattractive to mites and will deter migration. Also, sealing crackes and gaps at points of entry helps to keep all pests out.


Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter