SIZE: 1/8″ to 1/2″

COLOR: Reddish brown, if engorged: puffy & grey


Ticks are a parasitic insect taking blood from mammals, birds and reptiles in order to survive. Ticks are the most common pest of domesticated dogs in the southern U.S., generally found behind their ears or between the webbing of their paws. If your dog constantly scratches, shows signs of a skin irritation or becomes lethargic, you may have a tick infestation. Ticks prefer a warm, dry environment near their host, especially on bedding.


Ticks can enter the house by riding in on pets and people. To avoid having an indoor infestation, keep pets from venturing into densely wooded areas and check all pets regularly for ticks. If the pets do have ticks have them treated immediately and schedule to have your house thoroughly inspected.


Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter